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Law Library at Murdoch University: Database Guides

Law Library Database Guides

Each database contains an useful HELP section that can provide you with access to guides, tips, videos and even webinars.

Take a look when you're next in a database and see if you can find the HELP section - You'll be amazed at what you can learn.

Westlaw User Guides

Westlaw AU User Guides

Relevant guides:

International Westlaw Training Guides:

AustLII & LawCite

AustLII User Guides menu: AustLII Help Topics

Relevant guides:

  • User Guide to AustLII
  • LawCite Help LawCite is a legal case and journal article citatory used to locate judgments and see how these have been subsequently dealt with and commented upon, or to see where journal articles have been cited.
  • Case Law Help The case law databases contain the decisions of judges in matters before a court or tribunal. In each decision the judge will go over the facts of the case, the relevant law in the circumstances, and then discuss how the law applies to the relevant facts. The judge may also refer to relevant legislation (laws or "acts" passed by parliament), regulations or international treaties.


JADE (Judgments And Decisions Enhanced)

User Guides menu: JADE FAQs

Relevant guides:

Jade includes a variety of free services that are available to all as well as the option to subscribe to Jade Professional for advanced legal research tools.

The Law Library is able to offer current Murdoch Law Students free access to Jade Professional.

Students must email the following information to the Law Librarians in order to take advantage of this offer:

  • Student Name
  • Year of Study
  • Murdoch Email address

Informit - AGIS / APA-FT

CCH IntelliConnect

CCH Intelliconnect User Guides menu:

IntelliConnect Training

Relevant guides:

  • Getting the most out of search
  • Boolean search connectors Boolean search connectors such as AND, OR, NOT, w/par , “ “, *, indicate the relationship that two or more terms in the search expression must have in order for a document to be included in your search results.
  • Filtering your search Sort your search results by jurisdiction, topic or document type. Display your search results by list or category, and sort them by date or relevance.


HeinOnline User Guides menu:

HeinOnline Training Guides

HeinOnline Training Videos

Relevant guides:


ICLR Online User Guides menu:

ICLR Online User Tips

Relevant guide:

Justis & JustCite

JustCite User Guides menu: JustCite Help

Relevant guides:


i-law User Guides